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VIRTUAL ZOOM CLASS- Floral Piping Class

Item Code: virtual104class
Price:  $60.00
Was: $70.00

VIRTUAL ZOOM CLASS- Floral Piping Class

Item Code: virtual104class
Price:  $60.00
Was: $70.00
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Follow along in a private group class with Rosie over a Zoom video call and create 7 different beautiful flowers using the same piping tip- the modest #104 tip. Follow along using our class templates and guidance and perfect your floral piping skills using homemade buttercream (please have ready a prepared batch of buttercream. The recipe will be included in the class notes along with the piping template. A download link will be e-mailed to you once class has been purchased. Please allow 24 hours to receive the email).


WHEN: 22nd February at 9am AEDT (Melbourne Australia Time)

WHERE: ZOOM meeting room. A link to the meeting room will be sent to the e-mail listed in the order form 2 hours before the class commences.

Class duration: 1.5 to 2 hours. May go overtime.


In this class, you will learn how to create:

1. beautiful buttercream roses
2. hibiscus flowers
3. "string" roses
4. daisies
5. blossoms
6. layered blossoms and layered daisies
7. a fun ruffled flower
8. Learn how to pipe your leaves using a #352 piping tip
9. professionally prepare a uniform layer of buttercream on your cupcake, ready for floral application.

Items you will need:
1. our floral template, which can be downloaded from the link provided in the description of Module 1.
2. a batch of vegetable shortening based buttercream (
3. 6 cupcakes
4. 6 piping bags
5. floral nail
6. scissors
7. baking paper
8. piping tips #104 (x5) and #352 (x1)
9. 5 gel food colours of your choice, plus a green gel food colour for the leaves
10. A bowl and spoon per colour of frosting

Thank you for stopping by! I look forward to having you in class.