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Frosting Comb Value Pack

Item Code: value
Price:  $95.99

Frosting Comb Value Pack

Item Code: value
Price:  $95.99

These style of frosting combs are ideal for 5 inch tall cakes.

These combs are 17cm tall.

PLEASE NOTE: Frosting combs are actually clear, the white in the photo is the protective backing on the plastic which needs to be removed before use.


Love our frosting combs? Grab all 6 combs and save! Buying this value pack saves you $8.70

This pack includes:

1. scalloped edge comb (one sided)

2. square frosting comb (double sided)

3. inverted triangle frosting comb 

4. zig zag diamond frosting comb

5. mini scallop frosting comb

6. straight and scalloped edge frosting comb

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